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The Soiled Sofa Blues

March 20, 2013


I’m going on a cruise! I’ve never been on one, but I’m ready to be wined and dined and sunned to my heart’s content. The only draw back to the whole vacation-alone-with-the-hubby idea is leaving the kiddos in good hands while we’re gone. Lucky for us, Grandma is awesome! She is going to stay with my three rowdy girls while we are gone for 12 days! I still can’t believe we’re doing this!

Grandma will be living in our house during this time AND Grandma is very clean. Let me tell you, my stress level has sky rocketed in the last two weeks as we prepare for her arrival. I never realized how dirty my shower was or how many dust bunnies were hiding under the bed. I even took the shelves out of my refrigerator and cleaned them. The place sparkles in anticipation of her arrival.

The one thing I’ve always struggled with however, is keeping that couch of mine clean. We love that couch and spend a lot of time on it. And believe me, it shows. I’ve been keeping it covered with a blanket in an attempt to stave off any more soilage, as well as to stave off anybody seeing what we’ve done to it. But you just can’t hide such a thing from a house guest. A new couch is definitely out of the question. I mean, we’ve already spent all that money on the cruise. A professionally cleaned couch, however, is right up our alley.

I’ve wondered in the past about how upholstery cleaning works. It doesn’t really seem to make sense to get sofa cushions wet. Can it actually be done in an efficient, yet effective, manner? Isn’t couch fabric sensitive or fragile in some way to chemicals and water? How appropriate that I now work for the best upholstery cleaner in Fresno! I’ve gotten the low down on sofa cleaning and will gladly share the process with you. Knowledge really is such a great thing to possess.

Here’s how the process works:

1. The upholstery is sprayed with a pre-spray appropriate to the fabric of your couch. We get a lot of questions concerning micro suede and micro fiber material. The answer is YES we can clean those. The only fabric that can’t be cleaned by the professional equipment we utilize at Aaron’s Quality Cleaners is leather. Micro suede, yes. Real suede, no.

2. Next comes the handy dandy upholstery tool. One way Aaron retains the “quality” in his cleaning is by keeping up with the latest gadgets available for carpet cleaners. Our is so much better because instead of shooting water down into the cushion of a chair or sofa, the tool lifts up the fabric, shoots the water across, and then sucks it out the other side. Barely any water gets into the cushions at all. That means not only a better, more thorough cleaning of the fabric, but also much faster dry times.

3. All the pre-spray, soil, and water is then extracted back out to a special container in the carpet cleaning van to be later disposed of according to EPA standards.

4. Stains can also be treated. Aaron has had a high success rate with stains ranging from wine and coffee to grease and even urine. He can’t guarantee ahead of time that he can get that stain out, but he does guarantee to give it everything he has. And if it doesn’t come out, he doesn’t charge you!

So Grandma’s coming and although I have a blanket covering my couch for protection against everyday living, I’m no longer afraid to have her see underneath that blanket. Big sigh of relief. After all, anyone willing to parent my children for 12 days deserves to do so in a clean house, at the very least!

So don’t lose heart! If your sofa looks a little well-used but you can’t afford something new, there is still hope for a compromise. Give Aaron’s Quality Cleaners a call and see the difference they can make in your furniture today!


Julie Rosenfeld serves as an Administrative Assistant for Aaron’s Quality Cleaners, a carpet-cleaning company that services the Fresno and Clovis (CA) areas.  She is the author of “Julie’s Corner” and provides information and perspective on topics related to the carpet-cleaning industry.


Aaron’s Quality Cleaners performs carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, aggregate cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Fresno, Clovis, Madera and Sanger California

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