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Furniture never been cleaned? Our upholstery services are available when you need them.

We wash our clothes, we wash our bedding, we vacuum and clean our carpets, and we mop and clean our hard flooring.  Surprisingly, though, our furniture often gets neglected.  Think about how much time our families spend in our furniture without it being cleaned! That’s why Aaron’s Quality Cleaning is proud to offer all of our customers professional upholstery cleaning in Fresno.

After years of cleaning upholstery, we have seen about every situation a couch can be in. From grease and oil, to dirt, dust, pollen, beverage and food spills, pet and child accidents, and everything else that gets in our upholstery, we’ve seen it all. Our truck-mounted upholstery cleaning services will remove all the dirt, dust, dander, dead skin cells, and hair that have called your furniture home for years. We realize that your furniture is a large investment, and our quick-drying steam extraction can make your furniture look, smell, and feel like new.  Rather than put it off again, isn’t it time for healthy, freshly-cleaned furniture?

Here is a post that tells you exactly what happens during our upholstery cleaning process.

Upholstery Cleaning in Fresno

There’s a lot of cleaning involved in being a homeowner. Unfortunately, upholstery cleaning isn’t quite at the top of that list. Because of that, Aaron’s Quality cleaning also offers upholstery cleaning to all of our Fresno customers. We spend time cleaning our rooms, sweeping the entryway, doing the laundry, but we rarely find the time to give our upholstery the cleaning that it deserves. Ironically, this is one of the items in our home that we spend the most time utilizing.

Hiring a professional to regularly clean the upholstery in your Fresno homes is the best way to take care of your couches and recliners.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

Your technician will start the upholstery cleaning process in your Fresno home by spraying the furniture with a pre-spray. This pre-spray loosens dirt and dander embedded deep in your furniture. Each fabrics requires a specific spray to preserve its integrity, and Aaron’s Quality Cleaners has a range of different products to ensure that your items are treated with care.

Microsuede and Microfiber are becoming very popular, and many of our customers are curious if we can clean those fabrics. We can- but we do not clean genuine suede.

After the dirt has been loosened up with the pre-spray, we move on to the real spray. We are proud of our ability to keep up with the newest, most cutting edge carpet cleaning technology in the business, and always utilize the most modern equipment. Our newest purchase is the DryMaster. Your standard  tool will blast your furniture with hot water, and the technician will later go back and try and clean up all of that water and the dirt it has shaken loose.

The DryMaster offers a much more thorough cleaning process. It functions by delicately gripping the fabric, then releasing a small stream of water into an isolated section of your upholstery. The water is immediately drawn out, which prevents it from soaking into your belongings. This process ensure that all water is removed, and eliminates the potential for mold and mildew to grow.

Once finished, your Fresno upholstery cleaning professional will do a final inspection of your upholstery to ensure all dirt and water has been cleaned up.

Upholstery Cleaning: Natural and Synthetic

Upholstery is usually composed of the same materials that are used in carpets. Because of that, the upholstery cleaning process that we use with all of our Fresno customers is almost identical to our carpet cleaning process.

Although a range of different fibers are used in making upholstery, all of them fall into two categories: synthetic or natural fiber.

The use of synthetic fibers in couches and pillows has become much more common in recent years. They can be woven into many different patterns and designs, and are made to resist stains and spills. This makes them easy for the homeowner to maintain, not to mention fashionable. Many of our Fresno upholstery cleaning customer are aware of this, but this does not prevent them from accumulating large amounts of dirt, pathogens, and other unwanted bacteria. You would be amazed at how black the water is after we’re finished cleaning synthetic pillows!

Even though synthetic fibers are becoming more popular, natural fibers are still used most often in couches, pillows, and other upholstery. These fibers stand the test of time, and having upholstery with natural fibers gives your home a classic, timeless feel. The only problems is that this material tends to attract large amounts of dust and dirt. Because of this,upholstery with natural fibers requires consistent maintenance, both from professionals and homeowners. We suggest that all of our homeowners use a professional Fresno upholstery cleaning services annually.


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