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Tile, Grout, and Aggregate Cleaning

Aaron’s Quality Cleaners is proud to offer Tile/Grout and Aggregate cleaning services.  We pre-treat your tile and grout with a degreaser and emulsifier to help loosen and break up the oil, dirt, grease and spots.  We then use our soft water and solution heated up to 240 degrees and run it through our rotary TH-40 machine at high pressure to clean and sanitize your floors. As we blast out the dirt and grime it gets sucked right back out, along with the water, to our van’s recovery tank.  You no longer have to spend hours of back breaking work with a toothbrush to get your grout clean, and you will love the results.

We also offer hardwood cleaning services, too.

Fresno Tile and Grout Cleaning

As a professional Fresno tile and grout cleaning service, we are able to offer tile and grout cleaning to all of our Fresno customers. We start the cleaning process by pre-treating the area, which using a degreasing solution and an emulsifier. These products will loosen up unsightly stains and spots on your tile.

The secret to removing dirt, stains, and germs is using high heat. Store-bought solutions can be helpful, but they can only do so much. Hot water from your sink can get you off to a good start, but your hot water heater can only heat the water to a certain point, and it isn’t got enough to break through some of the hardier dirt and bacteria. Most homeowners can attest that store bought cleaners and elbow grease are helpful, but ineffective at removing some of the deeper, more serious stains and discolorations.

Some Fresno tile and grout cleaning companies will save themselves money by opting for inferior cleaning equipment. They often do this by purchasing generators that are inadequate at warming water to the appropriate temperature to remove germs and dirt.. An average generator is able to reach a temperature of around 100,000 BTUs. Even though this is hotter than the hot water coming from your sink, it isn’t nearly hot enough to remove all dirt, grease, and bacteria from your home.

As part of our commitment to being the best tile and grout cleaning services in Fresno, we use the most efficient generator in the industry. This is the TH-40, and heats water to an impressive 750,000 BTUs- over 7 times that of the average generator. This translates to just about 240 degrees. In addition to extremely hot water, the TH-40 utilizes professional cleaning solvents and soft water, and stores hot water used and dirt collected in a built-in tank.

After your services is completed, your technician will take the mess with him and dispose of everything in compliance with strict EPA standards.

The Difference When Using A Professional

The answer is simple. Our professional equipment and our years of experience as a tile and grout cleaning service in Fresno give us the ability to get rid of all dirt, grime, and bacteria. When you see how clean your home is, you’ll know the difference that Aaron’s Quality Cleaners makes.

Using a professional goes above and beyond a quick scrub- we get deep into the cracks and crevices and remove the dirt and grime that is buried below the surface of your tile floors. We’re proud of the quality of service we offer our customers, and we’ll leave your kitchens and bathrooms sparkling like they’re brand new.

Odor Removal

The build of of grime and dirt can sometimes result in foul, unpleasant odors. The high heat produced by our industrial cleaning equipment will eliminate odors by killing the germs causing that cause them. Your Fresno tile and grout cleaning technician will use the TH-40 in order to break apart any bacteria or pathogens that are latched onto the sealant between your tiles.

Health Hazard

The accumulation of dirt and bacteria in your kitchen or bathroom is more than just an eyesore. Neglecting to have a professional Fresno tile and grout cleaning company cleaning regularly can actually be hazardous to your health. Breathing in these pathogens on a regular basis can be unsafe for those living in your home.

Utilizing Fresno Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Other Areas of the Home

After reading about how effective steam cleaning is at removing dirt and bacteria, you’re probably thinking that other areas of your home could benefit from a professional steam cleaning. Well, you’re absolutely correct. In addition to tile and grout cleaning in Fresno, Aaron’s Quality Cleaners also offers steam cleaning for hardwood floors and ovens to all of our customers.

Ovens tend to accumulate large amounts of grease and grime as a result of their frequent use. Steam cleaning can remove this mess, eradicated any and all grease and food that has melted into the sides of your over.

The best part about steam cleaning is that it is completely organic. We do not add any other chemicals to our steam cleaning process, making steam cleaning a completely safe, natural cleaning option.

Hardwood floors are beautiful additions to any home, but they tend to become worn down as a result of traffic. Mold, dust mites, and other pathogens tend to grow in hardwood floors. Once they find a place that they like, the settle in, breeding and multiplying underneath the porous surfaces of your flooring. Professional steam cleaning will get rid of any dust mites infesting your home, and will make your hardwood floors sparkle and shine like the day they were installed.

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