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Fresno Carpet Cleaning

When you hire Aaron’s Quality Cleaners you can rest assured you’re getting a quality clean.  Our Fresno carpet cleaning professionals use the latest technology, equipment, chemicals, and processes to give you the deepest, most healthy clean you will find. We use THE BEST process there is.  

What can you expect from our Fresno carpet cleaning service?

Pre-spray treatment of all carpets.  Some companies that offer carpet cleaning in Fresno do not include the pre-spray treatment in their basic quote over the phone, and when they show up to your home, they will ask you if you would like to add the pre-spray service in addition.  This is a sham.  The pre-spray is an essential part of the cleaning process.  Pre-spray helps break up and loosen soils and oils in your carpets, making them easier to remove in the cleaning and extraction processes.  Some cleaners only pre-spray the heavy traffic areas.  When offering carpet cleaning to our Fresno clients, we’re really doing a high-quality clean, and we pre-spray all the carpet – every time.

  • Thorough rotary-extraction steam cleaning.  This step in the process actual has 3 parts: Clean, Agitate, and Extract.

Clean. To free the carpet fibers of oils, soils, dust, and other gunk in your carpets, we inject extremely hot water throughout.  The water is heating in our truckmount to around 240 degrees (above 212 degrees so it actually turns to steam), then shot out at high speeds onto your carpets to pick up the gunk.  Another benefit to the Fresno carpet cleaning steam clean is that it kills bacteria and other micro-organisms living in your carpet.  Our rotary extraction machine weighs 70 lbs., so it cleans down deep in the carpet.

Agitate.  Agitation is a vital step in getting a really good clean.  When we clean, the gunk in your carpets doesn’t just magically fall off.  It’s takes agitation (scrubbing).  A lot of soils are persistent and still adhere to the carpet fibers if you only apply water.  We use a rotary extractor – (the best in the world).  This machine will scrub the carpet at a rate of 650 times a minute.  That is a LOT more agitation than a man pushing a wand with his back can do, and you received a LOT better clean because of it.  This machine is a lot more expensive than buying a wand, but we are sincere in our desire to provide a high-quality clean.  We offer carpet cleaning to a lot of Fresno property managers and we see some pretty bad carpets.  You absolutely would not believe the difference between a wanded clean and a rotary extraction clean.   


Extract.  Extraction is another essential step in the cleaning process.  Some Fresno carpet cleaning companies  do not extract (they use a different method), have weak extraction equipment, or use a second-rate extraction process.  A poor extraction process can cause the following two very real problems:

1 – The carpet can be left soaking for days

2 – The carpet will resoil more quickly because detergent left in it has not been extracted, and detergent is designed to attract soils, etc.  How would you like to hire a carpet cleaner and then notice a couple weeks later it’s getting dirty again?

♦  Note:  Unfortunately, I hear both of these issues a lot from people who have used second-rate carpet cleaners.  Our truckmount, a Hydramaster CDS 4.8, sports a powerful tri-lobe Tuthill blower which creates a suction power of 15 inches mercury lift.  That may not mean much to you, but trust me, it’s significant.  The RX-20 rotary extractor has 5 vacuum slots to extract through.  It is a very thorough process, and although our process actually uses more water, the extraction is so powerful that our carpets are drier than most.

Spot and stain removal.  There is a difference between spots and stains.  Many of our Fresno carpet cleaning customers use these words interchangeably, so we’d like to take a moment to explain the difference. Spots, which we do not charge extra for, are dark spots on the carpet that will come out with high-quality cleaning.  Stains, on the other hand, we do charge for as they are a completely different process.  Stains are usually colorful or have a lot of substance to them.  Some examples of stains would include food dyes, Kool Aid, wine, ink, gum, wax, coffee, etc.  Different stains require different stain removal processes.  We are able to pull a lot of stains out of carpets and we do it all the time.  

  • Carpet raking.  When we are finished cleaning, we rake the carpets.  This stands the fibers up, creating a nice, even feel throughout the carpets and speeds up the drying process.
  • An honest, friendly, and professional technician.  I don’t think this needs explanation, however it is an essential step in our process.


We offer many additional services you may be interested in, and we can also quote them right over the phone.

Speed Dry.  New air mover technology enables us to have your carpets completely or nearly dry by the time we finish the job.  These air movers used during our Fresno carpet cleaning procedure sucks the warmer air above down through them, then blow at high speeds in all 360 degrees.  They are vented to hit each part of the carpet to dry a 10 x 10 area in about 10 minutes.

Stain Protector.  Stain protector is designed to help a carpet stay spot/stain free for longer.  It is applied immediately after cleaning and is designed to protect against dry soils and water and oil based spills.  The stain protector we use, Maxim Advanced, also coats the fibers with a barrier that helps keep dye stains out.  This makes it easier to clean up a stain when something has been spilled.  If you would like more information on this product, here’s the link. 

Deodorizer.  You may have pet problems or other reasons there can be a smell in your carpets.  We can help with these, too.

Moving Furniture.  Don’t want to have to move your furniture around?  We can help. We are happy to accommodate all of of Fresno customers during carpet cleaning.  (Special note:  Certain pieces of furniture are not generally moved for cleaning until the customer moves from the home.  These include beds, entertainment centers, china cabinets, etc.  If you need any of these moved, please inform us so we can make special arrangements.)

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