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When I started this business, I knew that I wanted to do a high-quality clean.  Sometimes people hire a carpet cleaner and regret the experience, finding the carpets resoiling a month after the clean, experiencing soaking wet carpets that don’t dry for days, they are unpleased because the spots and stains are still left in the carpet, or they’ve received a carpet cleaning that did not extract the soil and guck out of the carpets.  I decided that wasn’t going to happen in my business.  We  very use high-end equipment to get your carpets cleaned, and you can certainly tell the difference.  Below you will see some of the equipment we use that makes our process superior.



A quality carpet cleaning starts with a quality truckmount.  The truckmounted unit must be able to produce extremely hot water, or steam.  We use a truckmount manufactured by Hydramaster, probably the most respected truckmount and cleaning equipment in the industry.  We use a truckmount called the CDS 4.8.  It is powered by the van’s engine, so you will notice our vehicle remains running while we clean.  This unit produces water temperatures between 230 and 240 degrees Farenheit.  This extremely hot water, actually steam, is so hot that when it hits your carpet it will kill bacteria and other microorganisms living in your carpets and makes it much easier to break up oil and grease-items in your carpets.  It also makes it easier for the water to penetrate soil in carpets.  It’s the same principle your washing machine uses – hotter water better penetrates soil in the fibers.  This water is very, very hot and does an exceptional job in it’s part of the cleaning process.


A hot-water extraction, or steam cleaning, means we are applying super-heated water to the carpet and then extracting it back out with powerful vacuum suction.  The truckmount, powered by an expensive trilobe Tuthill blower, produces this suction.  Strong suction is very important for quicker dry times and for effectively removing the contaminants in the carpet.  The CDS 4.8 produces 14″ of mercury lift.  You are most likely unfamiliar with that description, but just know this – it is very, very powerful suction.  We use a 2″ vacuum hose to extract it out to the recovery tank in our van, and the extraction does an excellent job up to even 300 feet away (a football field). 


PSI refers to the pressure the steam solution is sprayed onto the carpets with, and stands for Pounds per Square Inch, and this is another essential compenent in the cleaning process.  You don’t want to have the solution simply laid on top of the carpet fibers – if so, the bottom and middle parts of the fibers won’t get cleaned.  You want the solution powerfully driven into those carpets, but at the same time micronized so it will hit every piece of carpet.  This requires a PSI of between 300 and 400.  You cannot effectively generate pressures like this from a hand pump.  The CDS 4.8 well exceeds this capacity, and delivers PSI of up to 1000.  We use these higher PSI ranges to clean Tile, Grout, and Aggregate.

Rotary Extractor


A key element in the carpet cleaning process is agitation.  Essentially what I mean by this is that the equipment has to knock the dirt off of the carpet fiber.  Most steam cleaners use wands (insert picture) in their extraction process.  We use a rotary extractor called the RX-20, also produced by Hydramaster.  Simply stated, this is the best carpet cleaning machine ever developed.  The RX-20 has 5 rotating boots that totate at a rate of 130 times a minute.  What this means for you is that, if I were to hold the RX-20 in one place for an entire minute (which I would never have to do), it would scrub your carpet 650 times a minutes.  Now let’s say you have a soiled area that needs a lot of agitation to clean up well.  What’s going to work better, the guy pushing a wand with his arms and back, or a powerful motor-driven machine that won’t tire out and can give way, way, way more agitation than a man?  There is honestly no comparison, and for me, it was worth it to make the expensive investment in the best technology.  The RX-20 also weighs 70 lbs., so it cleans deep down in your carpets. 

I had one job I was doing where my RX-20 broke down on the job, so I had to pull out the wand to finish it.  Near the end of the cleaning, another person brought tools and we fixed the RX-20.  So I started cleaning, with the RX-20, over the part that had been wanded, and the difference was so great, it made the wanded part look like it hadn’t even been cleaned. 

I have wands, and I could use them if I wanted to, but I don’t unless there’s a real need, because the RX-20 is so much better.  Whenver family members in other states ask about carpet cleaning, I always tell them to make sure they hire someone who uses a rotary extractor.  This is a point you definitely do not want to settle on. 

If you choose to hire us, you’ll see the importance of using the aforementioned processes.  We have property managers and residential customers tell us all the time that we saved their carpet, and they had thought they were going to have to replace it.  I LOVE those type of comments!  Those are my feel goods in this profession.

Compared against a rotary extractor, the wand has some big limitations. 

Think about this:  when a carpet cleaners cleaners your carpets with a wand, it is a man who is pushing the wand with his back and arms.  He has a limited amount of energy and strength and

Hot-water Extraction (i.e. Steam Cleaning)

Before we purchased any equipment, we did much research to find out what it is that makes a great carpet cleaning machine. In order to achieve maximum cleaning for carpets, professionals know that there are four different keys that when used correctly, will provide the best possible cleaning. First of all, you must be able to provide the right chemical for the fibers. Not using the proper chemical could damage, dye, or ruin a carpet’s fibers. Second, you must use enough heat to cleanse and purify the carpet. Heat kills bacteria and other living organisms in your carpet and breaks and loosens tough soils. Third, you must allow time for the chemical to work on the carpet. Cleaning too soon after the pre-spray will result in poor cleaning and certain soils and stains will not be broken up properly. Fourth, you must provide plenty of agitation to break up and loosen tough stains and soils.

We learned that to be effective cleaners, our machines would have to be able to heat up the water/chemical to more than 200 degrees (Fahrenheit) and be able to maintain that heat for a substantial period of time. They would also need to be capable of producing up to 500 psi for the pre-spray and rinsing of the carpet, have at least 12” of mercury vacuum lift, and be dependable, fairly simple to use, and have a low level of maintenance. We found that all of these requirements were met in the HydraMaster CDS 4.8.

The CDS 4.8 is highly renowned for being powerful, capable, long lasting, and dependable in the carpet cleaning industry. It is able to maintain 230-240 degree water/chemical for extended periods of time, has 14” of mercury lift, can create up to 1200 psi for spraying, and offers simple operating features and easy maintenance so that our technicians have less of a learning curve and the company will have less down time with the equipment. We install the CDS 4.8 machines in all of our vans to create a level of consistency in cleaning and uniformity in operation. We have been extremely pleased with these machines and our customers have appreciated the impressive level of cleanliness that they offer.

One of the key factors that we mentioned above, agitation, is not met with this machine. Being that the actual machine stays out in the van, we needed a tool that would be capable of agitating the carpet more than just an ordinary wand that many cleaners use (see figure 4) which only has two directional cleaning capabilities, is back breaking work, and doesn’t clean as well as rotary machines. While at a convention in Las Vegas, we found a machine called the Rotovac 360 which is used as the extraction tool and rotates at 200 rpm with 3 spray jets and 3 vacuum slots (see figure 5). This not only provides the agitation necessary to do a very thorough, powerful, and deep flushing of the carpet, but due to the positioning of the spray jets, vacuum slots, and its light weight design, it leaves the carpet much drier than any other heavy duty agitation machine. It is also self propelled and simple to operate thus reducing operator fatigue and increasing our cleaning capabilities.

Having the CDS 4.8 paired with the Rotovac 360, we are able to offer the most advanced and thorough cleaning available in the carpet cleaning industry.

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