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October 17, 2014

CX-15When Aaron first named his carpet cleaning company Aaron’s Quality Cleaners he really meant QUALITY! Sometimes people will call with various issues regarding their carpets and are concerned that the owner care about the job that is done. I always tell them, “Boy! You sure have called the right place!”

Aaron totally cares about the quality of the cleaning services we provide. With his name prominently displayed in the business name, he takes it personally and views his business as an extension of himself. He wants to have a great reputation both personally and professionally.

When starting out in business, Aaron researched all the possible methods of carpet cleaning available. He wanted to make sure that his company provided the finest process available. It turned out that the finest process included the best equipment and power source. That, in turn, meant more of an investment at the start of the business. He bit the bullet and made it happen. There were some lean years in there, but Aaron stuck with it and today Aaron’s Quality Cleaners is one of the highest rated floor cleaning services in the Fresno and Clovis area!

Not one to rest on his laurels, Aaron has continued to improve his cleaning services throughout the past seven years he has been in business. Part of that improvement means staying on top of the latest products available. Well, one of those wonderful every-carpet-cleaner-needs-this products came out last month.

It is called the Hydro-Force CX-15. Sounds like one in a series of robotic super machines to me.  But Aaron’s eyes just about popped out of his head when he first heard about it. Like a boy with a new toy, he read all the reviews and researched it up and down, left and right, trying to determine if it would truly be a good investment for the company. After long hours of research and days of stressful scrutiny, the new shiny CX-15 was added to the arsenal of cleaning machines used here at Aaron’s Quality Cleaners.

It works under the same basic cleaning principles of our current machine, the RX-20. The main benefit of the new one is its size. Whereas our RX-20 weighs 77 pounds, the CX-15 weighs in at a mere 20 pounds. When you think about how often our machines are loaded in and out of vans and carried up and down stairs, this is a huge improvement.

When trying it out for the first time, Aaron was especially impressed with its ability to give a very “even” clean. While our RX-20 cleans deeply and thoroughly, it does take a bit of training to ensure that “even” clean our customers have come to know and love about our service. Because it is built for consistency, the CX-15 takes the thinking right out of the process. It insures a deep, even clean every time … even if the cleaning technician is new.

We’ve found that the CX-15’s main strength seems to lie in the area of commercial carpeting. The suction is so strong that it actually hurts the user’s back when operating it on longer, residential carpet fibers. That’s how much muscle is needed to resist the powerful pull of this amazing piece of equipment. I dare say we have found our go-to machine for those commercial properties with heavily soiled high traffic areas.

Fittingly, the high-quality in Aaron’s Quality Cleaners just keeps getting better and better. This in turn means the cleanings you receive just keep getting better and better as well. Makes you wonder what the next big cleaning product on the market will be! We’ll keep our eyes peeled, and let you know!


Julie Rosenfeld serves as an Administrative Assistant for Aaron’s Quality Cleaners, a carpet-cleaning company that services the Fresno and Clovis (CA) areas.  She is the author of “Julie’s Corner” and provides information and perspective on topics related to the carpet-cleaning industry.

Aaron’s Quality Cleaners performs carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, aggregate cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Fresno, Clovis, Madera and Sanger.

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