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THANK YOU for considering Aaron’s Quality Cleaners in your search for professional Fresno carpet cleaners!  We are proud to offer high-quality carpet cleaning coupled with excellent, personalized customer service.  We clean carpet, tile, aggregate, and upholstery.  We service all cities within half an hour of Fresno and Clovis (Madera, Selma, Sanger, Kerman, Parlier, Fowler, etc.).

From the warm reception you receive when you call to the actual time of service, our goal is to make your experience with us pleasant and smooth.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule a cleaning, please call us at (555) 555-55.  Thanks again and have a nice day!  – Aaron Bitton, Owner

“I’m impressed.  You’ve just exceeded expectations.  I’ll use you forever and ever.”
– Zane H., Real Property Management Platinum
“You guys are highly, highly professional and we’ll be sending some more business your way.”
– John M., Broker of Clovis Real Estate
“He’s always on time, always has a fair price, and always exceeds my expectations.  I wish all my vendors were as honest and reliable as Aaron.”
– Jay S., Income Property Specialists
“Excellent Job!! The carpets look brand new and the tile looks great as well. Will definitely use this company again.”
– Lisa R.
“Aaron’s did a great job getting our carpets, tile and hardwood clean.  The carpets look like brand new. They also did a great job cleaning the tile. The grout is perfectly clean.”
– Clovis
“Aaron’ s Quality Cleaners has my business for ever now. The saying is “You get what you pay for”…here you get more!”
– Janey W.
Two primary elements of of any rating of a service company is whether you would use their services again and would you recommend them to someone else. For Aaron’s Cleaning the answer is a resounding Yes!
– Mark S.
“Great Job!! I can not believe how clean they got the carpets. The carpets look brand new. Very professional! Did an excellent job. I will definitely be using this company again.”
– Keith R.
“Aaron and his staff are very dependable and hard working.  They arrive on time and are very conscientious about their work.  I would highly recommend Aaron’s Quality Cleaners for any of your floor care needs!”
– Reed V.
“I have gone through a lot of cleaners to find the  perfect one.  Aaron’s is not only efficient, they are courteous, polite, and professional. I can always depend on them to make my carpets look like new.  I highly recommend them.”
– Sharon M.
“Aaron’s Quality Cleaners are very professional, friendly and answered all of my questions. . . . best of all, my carpets never looked so good!  Having kids, I encounter some unusual stains which they were able to remove.  Thank-you!!!”
– Alicia A.
“We loved our carpet after Aaron had cleaned it. Not only did it look clean, but it was so fluffy and looked like new to me. He is great and has also cleaned my parents home which they loved also. Thanks Aaron!!! Great Job!!”
– Bev H.
“Great Service! Very friendly, honest, and quality just like the name. My carpets are so clean!”
– Mark B.
“Just purchase a short sale house, the carpet is very dirty with kinds of stains, they did great job, and the carpet like new now. Unbelievable.  Very satisfied! thank you!”
– Heidi T.
“AMAZING!!  They saved me a ton of money by saving my carpets. I would recommend them to anyone!! They are my new “regular carpet guys”!”
– Christina B.

Carpet Cleaning in Fresno

When providing professional carpet cleaning to all of our Fresno customers, each of our technicians uses a 4 step process that guarantees results. We take pride in the quality of the service we offer, and always offer each of our customers the same winning formula. Our 4 step process includes:

  • Pre-Treatment
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Agitation
  • And Extraction

Pre-treating your carpets breaks up dirt and pathogens, and allows our steam cleaning to be even more effective. Your carpets are composed of hundreds of thousand of tiny, porous hairs, which attract dirt and dander. Bacteria and germs can grip tightly to these hairs, and require professional cleaning solutions in order to remove them. Not using a high quality pre-treatment will make the cleaning process less effective, and will result in carpets that are only partially cleaned.

After pre-treatment, your Fresno carpet cleaning technician will begin the steam cleaning process. This involves the use of extremely high heat and professional equipment, which ensures that all dirt, bacteria, and soil is eradicated and removed. During steam cleaning, we use the TH-40- which features the highest quality steam cleaning technology in the industry. The TH-40 is connected to our truck-mounted generator, and this combination will offer you the most thoroughly cleaned carpets you’ve ever experienced

Next, we move on to agitation. Agitation is another word for scrubbing, and your Fresno carpet cleaning professional will give your carpets a thorough scrubbing using our rotary extractor. Although we are able to remove most of the dirt and pathogens through pre-treatment and steam cleaning, some stubborn dirt particles will still cling to your carpet. This last bit of dirt will require vigorous scrubbing in order to be completely removed. Scrubbing your carpets between professional cleaning is helpful, but it is not nearly as effective as professional scrubbing with our RX-20. The RX-20 rotary extractor reaches over 650 passes per minute, and is the most effective device available.

Lastly, we will finish the job with extraction. Unfortunately, some professionals will either skip over extraction or use inferior methods. This can result in two significant problems. First, allowing your carpets to dry naturally can lead to the accumulation of mildew or mold. Second, failing to remove cleaning solutions can attract large amounts of dirt and dust. Cleaning solutions are made to attract these compounds, and if left in your carpet after cleaning, they will continue to attract dirt and dust long after your carpet cleaning company has collected their payment and finished the job. This can leave you with carpets that quickly become dirtier than they were before your carpet cleaning company was called.

If you’re interested in learning more about the carpet cleaning process we use with all of our Fresno customers, please visit our Carpet Cleaning page.

Fresno Upholstery Cleaning

Most of us tend to neglect our upholstery in favor of other domestic chores, like sweeping, cleaning the kitchen, and keeping up with the laundry. Unfortunately, your sofas and armchairs are some of the most utilized area of the home, which means that they need more attention than almost any other area of the home.

Our Fresno carpet cleaning service also provides professional upholstery cleaning, and can help you to increase the beauty and lifespan of the furniture in your home. Couches and recliners are magnets for dust and bacteria. Although they may look clean to the naked eye, our customers are usually shocked at the dirt, grime, and bacteria that we are able to collect after our service.

Your upholstery is made of of the same fabrics as your carpets, so our upholstery cleaning process is very similar to our carpet cleaning process.

Your Fresno carpet cleaning professional will begin with a pre-treatment, which loosens dirt and other pathogens that are buried in your fabric. Next, we will move on the deep cleaning with our DryMaster, which is one of our most prized possessions. Most upholstery cleaning tools will soak your upholstery with how water and chemicals, which the technician will come back and clean up later. Soaking your furniture like this can cause it to remain dam, which attracts mold and mildew.

Our DryMaster directs small streams of water into segments of your cushions, and carefully extracts the excess from the opposite side of the that cushion. The discharge is trapped in a separate tank, which is then disposed of according to EPA standards. Your technician will meticulously repeat this process on each section of the items you wish cleaned, which guarantees the highest quality cleaning and the smallest chance of unwanted pathogens.

If you interested in learning more about our upholstery cleaning process, please visit our Upholstery Cleaning page.

Fresno Tile and Grout Cleaning

In order to offer our customers the full battery of home care services, Aaron’s Quality Cleaners also offers professional tile and grout cleaning. Both tile and ceramic floors or commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. This flooring is beautiful and affordable, and their slick surface makes cleaning up spills simple and easy.

Unfortunately, the grout in between tiles is quite another matter. Grout is dense and porous, and often collects dirt, mold, mildew, and other unwanted pathogens. In order to ensure that these pathogens are completely removed, Aaron’s Quality Cleaners recommends an annual cleaning from a professional floor care service.  

Our Fresno tile and grout cleaning service will begin by applying an emulsifying agent to your tile. This works by freeing up oil, dirt, and other materials that are lodged in the porous recesses of your grout. Using high heat is the most important approach, and we use sophisticated floor cleaning technology to that has the potential to heat water to more than 240 degrees. Using high heat and advanced floor cleaning tools is the most efficient way to kill bacteria, remove dirt, and eliminate odor.

For more information about our tile and grout cleaning service, please go to our Tile and Grout Cleaning page.


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