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Cold Snaps, Bursting Pipes & How To Save Your Precious Area Rugs


It happens every time the weather outside gets too cold.  Poorly insulated water pipes in attics or crawl spaces freeze up and then burst, pouring water all over a homeowner’s precious area rugs and the rest of their home.


“The first thing you need to do,” says Kevin Pearson, Houston’s leading rug cleaner  and water damage expert, “is shut off the main water valve in your house.” That one single step will do more to save your home than anything else.” 


The second thing you should do is to call a plumber and a  24 hour restoration company like Pearson Carpet Care right away.

Companies like Pearson Carpet Care specialize in water damage recovery and restoration and the sooner you call them the fewer problems you’re going to have.  Pearson says, “In many homes we can dry out the carpet, pad, wood floors, and sheetrock in just a few days and prevent a lot of costly repairs.” 

And when it comes to your area rugs, the best thing to do if it  got soaked from a burst water pipe is to roll it up and put it outside until Pearson Carpet Care can come and get it. This way the rug can be decontaminated and dried properly to prevent damage occurring to the rug.   

If your area rugs have experienced any kind of flooding, contamination or just need to be cleaned, Pearson Carpet Care’s professional in-plant area rug cleaning facility can save your rugs.  If your home or business suffers water damage then Pearson Carpet Care’s 24 hour emergency water damage professionals can get you dried back out fast.  Call 281-548-7200 or visit them at their office: 525 N Houston Ave Humble, TX 77338.  They can also be found online at


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