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Fire Damaged Oriental Rug Cleaning

It is truly an unpleasant and unwanted situation if you have a fire in your home.  Everything can be lost very quickly, including your handmade oriental rugs and machine made area rugs.  A customer of ours had this happen recently.  He was then told that all of his 30+ hand made rugs were ruined.  Yes they were wet, and covered in debris and soot but most of them did not actually catch on fire.

Luckily, our customer did not listen to his original advice and called to ask about our rug cleaning services. We took the rugs in and we were able to clean and deodorize them. The rugs cleaned up beautifully and will be able to be used and enjoyed for years to come.

What most people don’t realize is that a handmade wool rug can take a lot of abuse such as what would happen if it went through a fire, water damage, or just isn’t professionally cleaned for years.  Also, now days there are some good machine made rugs that should last for years because of the materials they are built with.

While we do charge a little extra to clean rugs that have been through a fire, many times it can be worth it to save an heirloom quality rug.  If you are ever in this unfortunate situation call Pearson Carpet Care and we can come pick up the rugs for you and get them cleaned, dried, and back to original condition and deliver them back to you.  We can also work with your insurance company for the billing.


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