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October 7, 2015

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Pearson Carpet Care in Humble, TX has long been known for their oriental rug cleaning facility. However recently they were able to increase the rate of their production and their cleaning efficiency with some new technology.

Pearson Carpet Care recently purchased the rug sucker rug cleaning tools and the results have been outstanding. These tools not only get rugs dry faster but they also help in the final rinsing of the rugs during the cleaning process. This helps leave the rug cleaner, fresher smelling, and fluffier. Owner Kevin Pearson says, “The rug sucker tools have increased our efficiency in the rug cleaning plant which means our customers get their rugs back quicker and they are also cleaner than they would be if we just hand washed the rug and dried it.” The rug sucker tool is only one step of an exclusive 7 step cleaning process that each rug goes through when it comes in for cleaning at Pearson Carpet Care.

Pearson Carpet Care is a family owned business in downtown Humble. They travel all over Harris, Liberty, and Montgomery counties. To contact Kevin or Larry Pearson, call 281-548-7200 or visit their website at


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