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Free Shipping For Rug Cleaning Available Now at Pearson Carpet Care

No shipping fees and a live ‘rugcam’ makes rug cleaning safer and more convenient than ever

Humble, Texas – Pearson Carpet Care is excited to announce the launch of its new Free Shipping program, which sees the company handle all shipping costs for fine rugs that need a clean. The service is available nationwide now.

Fine handmade rugs are a beautiful compliment to any home, but whether wool or synthetic, cleaning them can be a hassle for owners. Especially when the nearest professional cleaning company is miles away.

Ship Your Rug For Free Today

Pearson Carpet Care is now offering free shipping for its world class rug cleaning service. No more hassle for rug owners – simply put your rug in the special packaging that Pearson provide and ship it to them for cleaning. They’ll even ship it back for free too!

Sending a rug to Pearson’s is as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Customers simply send a photo of their rug and its dimensions to Pearson Carpet Care

2) Pearson’s sends a cleaning quote back to the customer

3) When both sides are happy, Pearson’s sends out special packaging and pays for a FedEx delivery

Rugs then go through Pearson’s renowned 7-step deep cleaning process, before finally being shipped back to their home.

Rugcam – Peace of Mind For Rug Owners

Pearson Carpet Care know how important (and expensive!) each individual rug can be.

To provide customers with peace of mind while their rug is away, the company offers a live Rugcam to monitor their cleaning progress in real-time, available as a live stream on the Pearson’s website homepage.

Each rug is methodically cleaned to the very best industry standards, whether wool, silk, nylon, polyester and more. Watch the clean take place live and feel safe knowing that your rug will return looking like new.

“The only thing worse than getting your rug dirty is not having anywhere to clean it!”, says Kevin Pearson, Pearson Carpet Care owner, “We’re proud to be offering this new free shipping service to our customers to help ensure rugs far-and-wide are kept pristine and clean.”

Pearson Carpet Care’s free rug cleaning shipping service is available now. Learn more and arrange a delivery here:

About Pearson Carpet Care

Pearson Carpet Care, LLC is a family owned and run business headed by Kevin Pearson.

Kevin is a Master Certified Cleaning Technician with IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). He has been in the cleaning and water restoration industry since 1992 and one of the owners of Pearson Carpet Care, LLC since 2001. Kevin is presently working on a committee that is rewriting the carpet inspector standards in the industry and has previously served on the carpet cleaning standards revision committee. He serves as Chairman of the Certified Firm Committee and is on the Registrant Standards Committee at the IICRC as well as serving on the Board of Directors of the IICRC since October 2011. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Professional Cleaning and Restoration Alliance. Kevin is also a speaker having spoke at numerous local venues and an author. In 2011 he wrote a book entitled “Clean it and Go”.


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