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Oriental rug cleaning can be necessary when you are dealing with urine in a fine floor covering.  These floor coverings are beautiful and can last for decades when cared for properly.  However, since around 70% of Americans have indoor pets these floor coverings can become the victims of many pet “accidents”. So how do you remove the urine from the floor covering? This is a question that many Americans deal with daily. There are all sorts of neutralizers, odor removers, and cleaners on the super market shelves that people try to varying degrees of success.  Most of the times though these don’t work to people’s satisfaction and can cause more damage to the rug then was there originally. Then they are left searching for another answer to remove the urine from the rug.

Some people will call out their favorite carpet cleaning company to have them clean the rug in the house.  This should never be done.  While this company may do a wonderful job with your carpet in your home you should not let them clean your rugs in your home.  Synthetic carpet and a wool rug are totally different and should not be treated the same when cleaning.  Carpet cleaning equipment is also very different than oriental rug cleaning equipment. An oriental rug cleaning company will have specialty equipment that can not be transported to your home in a carpet cleaning van.  Having the carpet cleaning company go over your rugs with their carpet cleaning equipment usually will only make the odor coming from the rug worse since they will be unable to get all the urine out of the rug but now they have made it wet.

An oriental rug cleaning company with an in-plant cleaning facility will be able to gently hand wash your rug and completely remove the urine from the rug.  The only way to truly guarantee that the rug will be free of urine is to have it professionally washed in an oriental rug cleaning plant.  This is because the rug will be fully immersed under water and all the contaminants in the rug will be able to be washed away.  After this, the rug can be fully dried in less than 24 hours and this process can not be duplicated in your home.

So the next time you are looking to have your rug cleaned make sure to look for a cleaning company that specializes in this area and has the facility to be able to properly wash and dry your fine floor covering.  There are not many companies that have the proper facility to wash your rug and eliminate the odor.  Make sure to find out how they will be cleaning the rug before you hand it over to them.


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