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How to properly clean rugs? This is a question we get often as a professional cleaner.   There are a lot of myths and bad information out there as to how to properly clean rugs.  This is important since you might have spent a lot of money when you bought them and you want them taken care of properly to protect your investment.  This is especially true with heirloom quality ones, that may be handed down to the next generation.

First off, a carpet cleaner can not adequately clean it inside your home.  A professional cleaner has specialty equipment inside their shop that can not be moved to your home to clean rugs.  These machines are typically big stationary units.  They may even use three phase electricity which most homes are not equipped with.  So when your favorite carpet cleaner comes to your home and wants to clean your expensive floor coverings while he is cleaning the carpet, don’t let him.  He can not adequately test the dyes, remove the dry soil, thoroughly wash it, dry it, or clean the fringe in an hour or two at your home.

Professional carpet cleaning equipment is different than rug cleaning equipment.  The process of cleaning these special floor coverings could take as long as a week or two when done properly, depending on the cleaner’s production capacity in his plant.

Another reason to not have it cleaned at your home has to do with your pets.  When a pet has an accident on your expensive floor covering, no amount of cleaning it with carpet cleaning equipment will remove all of the contaminants.  The only way to remove them is to actually wash it.  Some cleaning plants have large automated machinery that will wash the floor covering and some smaller cleaning plants do this in self – made cleaning pits.  Either way the floor covering is fully saturated and agitated to remove the contaminants.    This is how to properly clean rugs and can not be duplicated in your home.

Once they are cleaned then they will go through a drying process.  This process can last anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours.  Then the fringe, if any, will be cleaned and a final inspection and grooming will go on.  Then it is ready to be picked up or delivered back to the owner.

There are so many steps in how to properly clean rugs that most owners or carpet cleaners should not attempt to clean them.  This is a specialty type of cleaning that needs to be handled by a trained professional cleaner.  So follow these suggestions when looking for a cleaner that knows how to properly clean rugs. This will insure that you are satisfied with the cleaning and that your investment is enjoyed for years to come.


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