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One of the many services larger more professional rug cleaners offer is rug repair.  A hand woven or even a machine made floor covering can need more than just a cleaning from time to time.  Over the years things can happen to your floor covering which can cause it to become in need of repair.   Many times it is worth repairing the floor covering to so that you can get years more use out of it.  However, an honest rug cleaner or repair professional should tell you when it does not make sense to repair a floor covering.

Some things to avoid so that you do not need to repair one are easily controlled by you.  First, don’t set a potted plant on top of or right next to a fine floor covering.  What can happen is that over watering your plant can cause some water to get on the floor covering and either cause the colors to bleed or if undetected can cause it to dry rot.   If you must put the potted plant on the rug put it on a stand so that airflow can get under it and when you water your plant you will be able to see if any water leaks out of the plant on to the floor.

Next when vacuuming a rug it is best to use a vacuum without a brush or beater bar on the sides and fringes of the floor covering.  A brush or beater bar can pull the fringes or edges of the floor covering into the vacuum causing damage to them.  It would be ok to use the brush or beater bar vacuum in the middle of the floor covering though.

Another good thing to pay attention to is to make sure that your dog or cat does not chew the fringes of the floor covering.  This especially happens with puppies or kittens because the fringes are fun for them to play with, but they can end up tearing the floor covering up.

Lastly, never store your floor coverings in plastic.  Wool can hold up to 30% of its weight in water and still feel dry to the touch.  So if you put it in plastic it will condensate and many issues can develop due to that.  You could have the colors bleed, mold or mildew growth on the wool, or dry rot.  These floor coverings should be stored in paper or in something breathable like Tyvek.  This will help prevent unexpected problems when you pull it out of storage and go to use it again.

Sometimes however situations happen where you will need to have a repair done.  Start by asking your rug cleaner if they perform this service.  Many rug cleaners will either perform it in house or have someone they trust to do it for them.  Once your fine floor covering has been repaired it should last you for years to come.


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